2022 Winter Olympics: Where it is and What to Expect

Unfortunately over the last year or so, we have had to cancel some of the big sporting events that we were all excited about. Though nobody was happy to cancel these events, it was essential that we do so in order to protect the physical health of all of the loving sporting fans out there. As the world has started to return to normality, there seems to be hope in sight.  A lot of the events that were unfortunately canceled have been rescheduled for the upcoming years, this includes the much anticipated Winter Olympics.

With all of the changes that are being made to the way in which events are happening right now, you may be a little confused by some of the details of the event, like where it is being held and what you can expect to see at the event. We had the same questions and so have done all of the research so that you don’t have to.

Where is it being held?

If all the plans go well, the event is expected to happen on February 4th, 2022, in the beautiful city of Beijing. This city will be the first-ever to host both the winter and summer Olympic games, so there is much anticipation of the extravagance that will be expected at the event. There is much speculation that a new stadium will be made to celebrate the event, but others speculate that the money that can be used will be invested elsewhere to make the event spectacular.

What can you expect?

This is expected to be the largest winter game yet, with an amazing 109 medals available to participants. With everything hopefully being back to normal, the events should be as they have always been. But what events can you expect to see at the Winter Olympics?


Arguably one of the most popular events that happen at any winter Olympics is the skiing event. This event usually has the biggest audience and there is no wonder why. Skiing is extremely exciting and comes with much more risk than a lot of the other events as it truly tests the athleticism of any participants. Due to how demanding the sport can be on your body, it’s important to get a good pair of knee braces for skiing, which are often decorated depending on the nationality of the participant and so are arguably very important for the popularity of the team.

Ice Hockey

If you are somewhat of a local ice hockey fan, then you will absolutely love winter Olympic-style ice hockey. Winter Olympic ice hockey really takes the best of the best and pits them against each other, which means that you are definitely in for some close competitions and real examples of skills. Though Olympic-style ice hockey doesn’t have the aggression that you get with regular hockey, you can still expect some extremely entertaining moments and some shocking events.

Figure skating

If you are someone that is intrigued by the way in which people are able to glide across the ice in a performative way, then you are bound to be excited about what is going to happen at the next winter Olympics. The figure skating event is going to be bigger than ever due to just how much time the participants have had to practice and really work on their performances. These skaters have been working on their routines for some time and have really had to opportunity to elevate it, so you are bound to have a brilliant experience no matter what your taste in performance is.


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