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When we talk about entertainment, it is considered an integral part of human life because it gives us immense happiness. You will see that most people are engaging in different kinds of activities to entertain themselves to break the monotony of their life. There are various entertainment modes such as carnivals, festivals, and fairs developed by our ancestors to celebrate. The fair and festivals are not the only things humans use for their entertainment because they use birds and other animals for entertainment purposes. You have heard about the bullfighting and cockfight done for the entertainment purpose for the human. Humans developed through various periods and always developed their vision to entertain themselves to live happier. 

The innovation in the reading habits with technology

As technology has advanced in this era, humans have various choices to keep themselves entertained. The main thing is how individuals want to entertain themselves as they have multiple choices in their hands. It depends on the individual, what are his choice and interest. As per the recent studies, it has been found that most of the individual loves to read a book or watch a movie for entertainment purposes. The study is quite good because nothing can be better than reading a book; it relates you to reality the same as the movie. 

When you talk about the movies, most people may not choose it as their favorite pastime. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like the movie, but people feel more excited when they are reading something that excites them and entertains them at the same time. That’s why most people considered reading books as their favorite pastime. Even I prefer reading books to keep myself entertained, but I also watch movies that inspire me. You can read any book genre because you only need to lay your hand as there are classic books, fiction books, religious books, and history books. You can move towards the biographies or autobiographies of some great leaders of the world, politicians, and the other personalities that motivate you for achieving your goals. 

Reading books

For reading a book, you need to be patient just like the author of the book because the author gives his time to complete the work, and you also need to do this. Whenever you select a book for reading, you should not discriminate based on genre because you can easily read a best seller book, but finding a page-turner to open up your mind is difficult for the reader. When you are a vast reader, it becomes easier for you to select a book of your genre that can box you up. Have you ever thought as a reader what you prefer to read, sci-fi or a fantasy one?. Many of you will say that both are the same things, but you many know the keen difference between those as a vast reader. Many of you have a question like what the difference between the mystery book and the thriller book? What does fiction book mean? Some popular book genres are mentioned down below so that you can find your next book easily at the bookstore.

Adventure and actions

This kind of book always keeps you on the edge of your seat, filled with excitement because the lead character will find themselves in a condition where they are at high stake. The action books’ goal is to put the character in a risky and dangerous situation, so the storyline looks full of action and adventure. You can read this kind of book in almost every genre, such as crime, fantasy, and mystery. 


It is one of those books that you read in your English class for completing your curriculum, and I hope so you remembered one of them, such as Charles dickens. The classic books are moving around us for decades because these books’ storyline is groundbreaking from their publish time. The classic books are the foundation of some works that will create their impact on future generations. 

Graphic Novel and comic books

In comic books or graphic novels, the story is narrated to the reader in the art form that kept them engaging. The art form illustrates the story with the short typography with the design in a layout form. On the one side, you will see art with balloons popping up from their head with a dialogue of the respective character.

Fantasy and mystery

In fantasy books, the story usually revolves around an imagined world connected to the real world. You can say the fantasy books have supernatural or magical elements that connect them to the imaginary world. While in the mystery books, the storyline revolves around a crime scene. You will find a person that is solving out the crime scene in search of the criminals. 

Historical fictions

In historical fiction books, the storyline will take you to the historical events of the set period of past decades or centuries. Most of the historical fiction is real stories that all of us listen to from our ancestors. 

Horror books

It is one of those books that cause discomfort to the readers while reading the book. Still, these horror books are one of the prime time books of all time. In horror books, you will see that the characters are using supernatural elements for causing someone problems. 

Where to buy these books?

You can visit your nearest store, or you easily order the books from the online store. Most of the books came under $13, which is quite average for the readers. Try to buy a book from the nearest store as you can get them faster than the online stores.

Do not try to read a book in a day because you may finish the book in one day, but not feel those words written by the author. Books have a worls of their own that can be discovered only when you read with the picturizations in mind. They make your world even better than what you see!


For many years I've been in the dark, until I found my destiny on my books shelf. My imagination, dreams and deepest fears, all were clear to me. Hope you'll enjoy this blog as much as I do.

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