Building for the Stars: Who Connecticut Celebrities Hire to Build their Home

Celebrities are known for a variety of things but one thing they all have in common is they’re all known to live in incredible homes. From Anne Hathaway’s sophisticated swiss chalet style Californian country home to Cara Delavigne’s modern Los Angeles home that resembles a club with a bar, a pinball machine, and a stripper pole to Hilary Clinton’s red brick home in Washington D.C that has old-time London vibes and a beautiful back garden. Whilst all celebrity homes will have massively different vibes to match their own personalities many share some similarities as most have things such as swimming pools, saunas, home gyms, and games rooms. One thing many people question when seeing the amazing homes of celebrities is who built this home for them and how they made it look so amazing.

While California is most known for its amazing celebrity homes thanks to the amazing beach houses in Los Angeles, Connecticut is also home to many amazing celebrity homes. We’ve found some of the best celebrity homes in Connecticut and we’ve found the best building companies they may have hired for the important task of creating the perfect home for them.

Celebrity homes in Connecticut

Many celebrities have settled in Connecticut as it is a safe and affluent state in America, this means that in Connecticut there are some amazing looking and expensive homes. Some of the most famous celebrities who have lived in Connecticut or are currently residents include Cyndi Lauper, known for her top hit ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ lived in Connecticut for 30 years and her home was worth over $1.25 million. Renee Zellweger most well known for playing Bridget in Bridget Jones found her home in a house that was built in 1770 in a small Connecticut town and it was worth $1.6 million. Other celebrities who fell in love with Connecticut and moved there include the frontwoman of Blondie Debbie Harry who moved in 2016, Rapper 50 Cent, Canadian singer Paul Simon and author of the Twilight series Stephanie Meyer.

Who builds celebrity homes in Connecticut?

Connecticut has 4 main cities: Bridgeport, New Haven, Stratford, and Stamford. These are the cities that attract the most celebrities so builders within these cities are most likely to be hired to build celebrity homes. As Connecticut has long history many of the houses that celebrities move into have been built hundreds of years before, but to turn these houses into their perfect homes celebrities require a lot of work. Each city has some amazing building companies that celebrities would hire to make their dreams into a reality. In Bridgeport the highest rated building company is ‘Domus Constructors LLC’, they have such amazing reviews it is likely they would be recruited to make any adjustments a celebrity required on their home.

Another component of building a home is interior and exterior design, for any celebrities living in New Haven they will have heard of the design company ‘Design by The Jonathan’s and likely have hired them to make their vision into reality. Stratford is the next biggest city home to many celebrities, Stratfords top rated roofer ‘Stratford Roofing’ will likely have been recruited to work on many celebrity homes as this is another necessary part of building a home and they offer high-quality services. For the celebrity houses in Stamford, the company most likely to be hired is ‘Stamford Building and Construction’ as they cover all basic housing needs when building or renovating a home. If you’re wanting to make a home as extravagant as the celebrities then we can’t recommend these companies enough depending on where you’re located in Connecticut.


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