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There are numerous books describing how to be successful in the media & entertainment industry. A few of them include dancers, clowns, jugglers, disc jockeys, comics, mimes, magicians, musicians, stilt walkers, balloon twisters, puppeteers, vocalists, face painters, hypnotists, ventriloquists, caricature artists, impersonators, and plenty more who knows they have got talent, however, require guidance. The author offers first-hand information on how do you get going and advance as the entertainer. 

One shares stuff with you that he has gone on to learn the difficult way from cherishing in many kinds of locations like streets, malls, homes, restaurants, ships, yachts, trade shows, and working with the diversity of entertainers in order to produce several successful events. Every chapter will go on to provide detailed info on particular topics like marketing, preparation for the gig, fees to charge, getting & keeping the gig, terminology, and a lot more.

It is all the experience and hard work

Magic Mike is very well known and popular around the globe for his professional humor, talent, good values, and genuine personality. Though he may best be known for that smooth as silk sort of voice and his comedy-charm up close, he’s broad experiences and expertise in the ent. field, including marketing & developing magic things, owning and working in an entertainment associated restaurant, serving as the entertainment generator & producer for some local agency, & teaching charm to a mixture of students including a few with disabilities. He’s the honor of several other entertainers and needless to mention that he is a known team player. 

Also, to be a highly praised magician and internationally known as San Diego’s finest and favorite entertainers, he’s the respect of several other performers for his passion and creativity for his profession. Several other entertainers relish his expertise and experience and he’s always been ready to share all the knowledge he’s gained over the past 35 years or so. One of his biggest strengths generally lies in the broad variety of practices and experiences like having longer-term gigs (a restaurant for nearly 15 years & another for about 8 years). Half of the work is from repeated customers. 

He’s performed at a multitude of places like restaurants, shops, hospitals, streets, malls, fairs, trade, and home shows. He’s entertained at above 700 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. And yes, hundreds of thousands of birthday parties, graduation parties, and weddings. He’s received appreciation for his numerous years of hard work with magazines, billboards, newspapers, and television interviews. He’s received the letter of thank you from across the world. 

Many would ask whether there are any good books for them to read that generally deals with the entertainment and media industries?

The answer to this lies in here… you only need to continue reading this guide.

Gabrielle: To the extent that the vast history of an industry is the history of the significant players, reading a few books is being written on the major characters in entertainment and is educational at worst and entertaining. When looking for a job in entertainment & media, it always assists in being conversant in who those major personalities and players are and some history of bigger firms in the industry. This makes people sound informed in the interviews and often proves to an interviewer that even when you do not have a particular applicable experience in entertainment and media, you’re passionate enough regarding the business to be done with your homework.

Here’s presenting you all with a list of a few books that you may aspire to check out. 

  • The Hollywood Hunter’s Guide on Survival-

This book is written pretty well and does a fine job of when it comes to telling it as it’s. The author of this book is the Harvard M.B.A.. However, the book is usually geared towards individuals just getting graduate from college. For anyone new to this industry at whatever career stage in their life, it ‘is useful reading-

  • Newhouse: The Glitter, Glory & Power of America’s Richest Empire & Secretive Individual Behind It-This version of the paperback is updated from an original text’s 1994 publication. The book is regarding a Newhouse family – & most accurately, S.I. Newhouse, who is the Chairman of Publications- Advance. Advance owns the Random House alongside Conde Magazine Group, to name some of its well-known and popular media holdings. The book tries to emit light on the very secretive group and family, & it’s interesting as all of them are familiar with a book that Random House goes on to publish and a magazine that Conde produces. 
  • The Highwaymen: The Warriors of the Info Superhighway- This is collecting the essays that Auletta wrote as a media columnist for New Yorker magazine. Profiling several leading names in telecommunications, entertainment & media industries. Ted Turner, Ted Turner, Jon Malone of the T.C.I. Michael Ovitz, Gerald Levin, Sumner Redstone, and bigger players are covered. Auletta is a decent writer and it’s easy to read particular essays if you do not have time when it comes to reading the whole book.
  • And apparently, a book that one should possess on the bookshelf as a fine reference is Vogel’s Ent Industry Economics. The book is an educational look at the economics behind several different sectors of some entertainment industry, right from the film to the music to broadcasting and even wagering and gaming. It is pretty special, however, if you ever wish to know only how movie studios go on to account for the film’s losses and profits, this is a book. Whilst you will not read it for ‘story’, you’ll wish to have it around for reference.

Again, these are just some of the opinions and suggestions. However, if you are someone who has already read any good book and still looking forward to more and more books then in that case, you may look over the web, wherein, you will get to know a lot more about these sort of books.


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