How to Look Expensive on a Budget

Everyone always wants to look their best and most people want to look classy, however, many people haven’t figured out how to master this look when they’re on a budget. People are still living with the belief that you need to be worth a lot to be able to look classy, but this isn’t the case at all. With some great tips and hacks, anyone can look expensive, all the time, no matter their budget. If you’re worried about your finances but don’t want your sense of style to take a hit, then keep reading and find out all the best ways to look expensive on a budget.

What are the best colors?

When it comes to looking expensive on a budget, neutral colors are your best friend. If you’re not a fan of neutral colors then don’t despair as it is possible to make any color to look classy, but the easiest colors to make look expensive are neutral colors. Another great thing about neutral colors is that they’re always in, no one ever gets bored of them and they’re great for any season meaning you can keep your shopping budget even lower. Neutral colored clothing like jumpers and shirts can be found in most places as they’re so common, a beige turtle neck from a high-end brand looks exactly the same as a beige turtleneck from a supermarket, with neutral colors it is hard to tell the difference making it impossible to tell where you purchased your clothing from.

Is the fit important?

When people spend a lot of money on an item of clothing, you can guarantee that they’re going to make sure it fits perfectly before they commit to purchasing it. This makes fit so important when you’re trying to look expensive on a budget. You should avoid both, any clothes that are too tight aren’t a classy look and any clothes that are too baggy start to look scruffy so shop around until you find clothes that are the perfect fit. If you find an item of clothing that you love, for example a pair of pants, but they’re not the right length, then the other option is to have them tailored to fit. If you do this with all your clothes it can end up expensive but for those few gems you can’t let go it shouldn’t cost too much.

Should I accessories?

Yes, every expensive outfit isn’t complete without a beautiful piece of jewelry. When it comes to jewelry it is easier to tell whether you’ve purchased expensive jewelry or something from a supermarket and if you buy stuff that is too cheap is can ruin the whole illusion. Your best bet for finding some expensive looking jewelry on your budget is to buy jewelry on sale, if you shop at the right time such as black Friday then you can find some amazing bargains. Also, make sure you don’t overdo the accessories as instead of looking classy it can start to look too busy.

Is coordination important?

Yes, coordination is another great way to look expensive. The best thing to try and coordinate is your bag and your shoes, this will help to tie the whole outfit together making it much more stylish and looking more expensive. The exception to this is when you’re wearing a 2 colored outfit, when this is the case you can either match your bag to your shoes or you can match it to the color that you’re wearing.


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