Inculcate The Beautiful Art Of Reading

You might have heard people saying, “reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

If there is one habit that helped people escape the boring and tense time during COVID lockdown is the habit of reading. Surely you would have heard many professionals and celebrities talking about how reading helped them stay sane in these long unprecedented lockdowns. Even people who didn’t use to read started reading, and it proved a helpful tool.

Importance of reading books:

Well, there should never be a doubt in your head about the habit of reading. It is not only a source of entertainment, but for some, it’s rather a way of life. A tool to become better day-by-day. It’s a tool that contributes to the mental growth of the human body. Some great people have believed that developing the habit of reading is not a choice; it is rather a necessity. This is because:

  • Increasing Knowledge– Well, undoubtedly, reading is the tool to expand your knowledge. It doesn’t matter whether you read a book or newspaper or a journal. As long as you are reading, your knowledge bank is growing. Moreover, reading always gives a person confidence. If you know, you know a lot, the chances of your point getting heard increases multifold. This is simply because the more you read, the more informed you are, and as a result, the better your decision-making would be.

If it makes you feel good, if there is one thing that nobody can take from you it is your knowledge.

  • Vocabulary expansion– Suppose you may remember your teacher in the school emphasizing the importance of reading. This is because it is only when you read, you learn new words. It makes you a well-spoken person. As mentioned above, knowing new vocabulary will again contribute to increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem. Learning new words and vocabulary will have a long term impact. It will increase your chances of leaving a great impact in the room you walked in!
  • Expanding memory– Even though this is one of the advantages of reading that has always been undermined. Reading helps you increase your memory. Remember, when you are asked to review the book you have read and give a detailed review of the characters you liked or didn’t like! In such bits and pieces, reading enhances your brain’s capacity to remember. 
  • Tranquillity– Well, this is something that no reader can deny. Reading gives you a sense of freeness. It acts as an escape. The lives of the 21st century are undoubtedly the busiest and somewhere chaotic. In such times, pausing for a second and delve into the life of somebody else feels good and peaceful. You must have met people who love reading so much that they can make time for reading no matter how busy their lives are. 

For this, a lot of self-help books are available. Somewhere books have helped people to learn and outgrow from the issues that obstruct them in life. 

  • Another benefits-Reading is also one of the best ways to enhance your focus power and concentration. While reading, all your senses are focused on understanding what is written. Thus, this will also increase your analytical skills. The books of sci-fi and mystery genres force you to storm up your mind to reach the end story. While reading self-help and philosophical books, your mind acts critically and tries to learn and unlearn what is written. All of this ultimately leads to widening your mental horizon. 

By now, you must have understood that reading is a very needed habit. However, if you are completely new to reading books, you must start with the right genre and the right book. Below are mentioned some of the great books from different genres that will help you build your interest.  

Best books for different genres:

  • Biographies-When you want to learn from someone, you should read their biography. Their life and their struggles can contribute to your life too. Some of the best biographies that would be good, to begin with, are The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank, 1947), Autobiography of a Yogi (Paramahansa Yogananda, 1946), and Long Walk to Freedom (Nelson Mandela, 1994).
  • Mystery- Well, mystery has been a very popular genre among adults. Some of the best books, to begin with, are The Woman in the Window (A.J. Finn), A Murder on Malabar Hill (Sujata Massey), and The Kind Worth Killing (Peter Swanson). 
  • Romance– Well, reading a romance book is great fun any day. Some of the timeless love storybooks are Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen), To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Jenny Han), and Call Me By Your Name (Andre Aciman). 
  • Sci-Fi-Well, if you are a science geek, you can still expand your science love to reading six-fi books. Undoubtedly reading sci-fi books storms up your mind. Here are some of the most popular sci-fi books that will be worth reading. These are The Lord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkien), The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams), and Brave New World (Aldous Huxley). 
  • Women empowerment-Well, it’s a great experience to learn from successful women. Here are three must, I Am Malala (Malala Yousafzai), Becoming (Michelle Obama), and In the Land of Invisible Women ( Qanta A. Ahmed).
  • Self-help- These books can be the guiding light for you. If you want to pick up a self-help book, then these are good, to begin with, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen. R. Covey), Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert T. Kiyosaki), and Man’s Search for Meaning ( Frankl). 

These are some of the major genres that you can begin with. You can also search on the web and learn more about which book you can pick. Pick a book and read. You will not regret it! Not to mention reading books is the only way by which you can live many lives in one lifetime.


For many years I've been in the dark, until I found my destiny on my books shelf. My imagination, dreams and deepest fears, all were clear to me. Hope you'll enjoy this blog as much as I do.

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