The 4 Best LoL Players Currently on the Pro Circuit

League of Legends stands out in the MOBA genre, and even in the entirety of the gaming world. It was the game that took E-Sports from a fringe activity to become one of the most popular sports in the world. Millions of fans would attend the tournaments in person, with millions more watching online. Die-hard gamers who are ready to cheer their fave team to victory.

Any good LoL team is only as good as its weakest member. So these teams make sure they are packing a roster of players that will make the opposing team shake in their boots. But today we want to take a look at the best players currently dominating on the Pro Circuit.


The undisputed greatest Lol player on the planet. He is the pride and joy of T1, the team he represents. Faker rose to fame quickly with his intense and tactical combat style. Faker, getting his name from the fake-out tactic he used in his early days, has a shining record of wins under his belt. His win to lose ratio is outstanding and many simply can’t believe just how good he is at LoL.

He also manages to be one of the first to bag all the lol level up rewards each new season as he manages to swim through his ranking placement matches with ease. Faker has been constantly hounded with offers from opposing teams trying to recruit him. But he comes with a hefty price tag and isn’t willing to give up on his team just yet.


Cloud9 is one of the most formidable and consistent teams in the game. Going from strength to strength every season, this is mostly down to their star player. Perkz. Perkz is one of the most well-known and skilled players on the circuit. He happens to hold the world record for winning the most EU LCS titles. A feat no one else has come close to achieving.

Perkz is a bit of an all-rounder when it comes to which lane he plays. Able to switch between roles depending on what is needed.


Team Liquid has shot to stardom these past seasons. Moving from being a relative unknown to becoming one of the most dangerous teams to face in any tournament. And a big part of this is down to their star player. Doublelift.

Having played on two other teams before finally settling with Team Liquid, Doublelift is in high demand, and for good reason. He hones his skills by streaming LoL constantly. Getting in a lot of training over the year. And it shows as he is one of the more versatile E-Sports pros on the scene. Where most players are masters of a single lane. Doublelift can dabble in them all with a high degree of success.


Rekkles could be considered a wandering player. He has bounced between three different teams, moving from and into some of them more than once. But this is simply due to how in demand he is. He has been party to some of the most popular and successful E-Sports teams over the years and has become a household name for the true LoL fanatics.

His skills lay in bringing his entire team up a level. Rather than taking the lead and showing off, he coordinates successful plays and works from the outside of the fight, making sure the tide of battle turns in their favor time and time again.


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