The Most Controversial YouTubers We Can’t Stop Watching

A guilty pleasure for many of us would be taking a deep dive into the world of Youtube drama, although many of us don’t want to admit that we watch these drama-filled Youtube channels. You must agree that they make for the best entertainment when you need something to occupy your time. Most of us like to gossip and the inside scoops that are posted onto Youtube on a  daily basis would have to be some of the most popular means of finding the most interesting drama that is going on in the social media influencer world.

If you are interested in finding a new gossip channel or a controversial Youtuber who doesn’t seem to be declining in popularity no matter how petty or irrelevant their drama gets then continue reading for some of the most widely viewed channels of this nature. There are different examples of drama and controversial creators out there so it is just a case of going out and looking for a channel that you enjoy and are willing to stick with to follow the drama and get all of the insider information.


Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson was a very popular YouTuber within the initial period of the creation of the platform, from a very young age he grew his following up very quickly and soon became one of the most widely recognized industry figures to date. However, his success was not without its tribulations, and as is the case with many other creators he had some incidents in his past involving other Youtubers and other offensive comments that came into the light just as he was moving his career into a more substantial direction. He is also quite heavily involved in beauty guru drama which is always extremely entertaining, you can be sure when he eventually returns to his creator’s life he will have a lot to say.


Jeffree Star

If you are a fan of popular Youtube beauty gurus as well as the controversy that takes place on the streaming platform, then you will enjoy Jeffree Star and the long-lasting drama that seems to follow him. Star is most well known for his involvement in the world of beauty and makeup as well as his reputation for being highly controversial in his views on other brands of makeup and pretty much anything else that takes his eye.


Steven Crowder

If you are looking for controversy in the world of Youtube and streamers then look no further than Steven Crowder’s channel. Crowder is very well known for his controversial opinions especially when it comes to politics. Although you may not be the biggest fan of his work, you have to agree that Crowder has gotten himself a lot of attention in the media that has allowed him to earn a nice income also. Many people are intrigued to know Steven Crowder net worth and you may be surprised to know that it is in fact up there as approximate three to four million, showing that it can pay to be controversial in his line of work.


Trisha Paytas

The final Youtube star who has grown her career greatly by being controversial on Youtube would be Trish Paytas, the specific industry that Paytas works within is not clear but she has done many things with her time on Youtube, including singing and dancing in her own music videos as well as taking part in hundreds of different Youtube and social media challenges. What Trisha is most known for however is her unapologetic opinion on drama within the community with thousands of people listening to her online rants every time she posts.


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