The Secret Behind Reading Books


Books are items that give comfort to a sad, anxious soul. They also give solace to a lonely, pure soul. There is nothing purer than cuddling up with a delightful book. Books give you a temporary world to escape into and give the means to an escape. They act like magic. People are usually happiest when they are reading, and usually, avid readers have a long history of evolution with books. They start to enrich the brain and let the mind flow through all thoughts. There are more than 129 million books in existence. The number keeps increasing every day, while people. 

Reading a book- facts and reasons

There are many reasons which one could think of about why to read a book. Some could be subjective, some just for some comfort. While reading is good for the brain, scientific studies prove to show that reading makes the person smarter. While reading a novel, there is a blood flow that increases while improving the connectivity with the brain. Reading gives you a new perspective in life and gives you innovative ideas, and invites you to solve problems for which you need solutions outside the box. Your analytical skills are stimulated merely by reading, which helps develop patterns, solve problems, and assimilate information that is not really in this world. 

Psychological development 

While reading is good for the brain, it also makes you a better writer. While you are reading, the brain absorbs the writing techniques as well as the vocabulary. Unconsciously, you could be copying the style of the books you are reading, which helps you do better. At the same time, it enhances your reading and spelling. Simultaneously, novel words appear to be in the natural context, while you can deduce the meaning for some of the surrounding words. Reading could help work on your conversational skills. They overall improve your vocabulary and enlightens you with the knowledge of using unfamiliar words while articulating what to use when. 

Socialize with people

Reading books gives you content to talk about. You could easily bond over the books you read while talking to people. While some people like to keep it deep, some want to discuss content that is in the books. You could always meet friends in the library and catch up on reading together. Reading could give you one of the deep views into lives. They give you a concurring worldview while making you force convictions. Books could broaden your perspective while giving you content to examine beliefs as well as search for the truth behind the facts. 

Inner Development 

While reading could improve the self-discipline and consistency of the person reading them. While reading a book, you need to learn to focus, and the book gives you that feeling to want to focus. You tend to want to read more to know the rest of the story as well as fixate on the plot and to persuade you to complete the book. While your brain could help form deep connections and help you practice concentration. It could help develop deep connections with characters and give you a play to find solace, somewhere you could find yourself. 

Fountain of knowledge 

Reading could increase your far-end knowledge of history. While reading could teach you a lot of facts about the history, cultures, and intellect. While the facts could come in terms of the story, it could make facts and the story seem to go in connection. Historical fiction is vastly different from the basic history we have all been studying. While reading the story, you could just read it, and it would come in the flow. The past in the story could be deep inside you, and you could be effortlessly reading and studying facts that you do not seem to want to remember. It just happens effortlessly, while the story develops the diverse cultures and the people coming in the story could be something you want to imbibe and fangirl/ fanboy about. 

Cultural knowledge is enhanced while reading books, which brings to light a lot of emotional and spiritual beliefs that are present in the world. Reading also helps the imagination, helps you put yourself in the shoes of the character. They inspire you to produce ideas that might not even exist in this world. They help develop ideas that inspire you to do better, to give you the desire to live. While reading reduces stress, it also sends you to an unreal world where all your problems cease to exist. It is a mini world to escape from the cloud of thoughts temporarily. 

Books as a source of entertainment

Books are a wonderful way to bond. You could always find a friend in the library or bookstore who shares the same interests as you. You could happen to have a lot in common and to bond over. Books could bring people closer; they could make them express their thoughts clearly to the world. It could give you a vast vocabulary which helps you in life. Books could give you a lot of entertainment, in terms of quizzes, meet and greets, book blogs and games which are derived from famous books. 

Over the years, the genre of books has just evolved, for the better. Starting from making you fall in love to making you believe in the supernatural. There is a vast range of books, and you should find what is best suited for you. You might not like all genres. You must read what you find comfort in because, at the end of the day, it is your escape, not for anyone else. Books could unleash a whole new world of murder and mystery through crime and give you hints towards how to deduce them in real life. A lot of games and challenges in real life are based on the solutions characters in the books have tried to solve, and it might seem unreal, but some of the most real solutions come from books, the practical ones. 


For many years I've been in the dark, until I found my destiny on my books shelf. My imagination, dreams and deepest fears, all were clear to me. Hope you'll enjoy this blog as much as I do.

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