Wizard Battle: Which Movie Wizard Reigns Supreme

There are many wizards in movies to chose from when it comes to deciding who reigns supreme. For the sake of simplicity, I will be looking at the wizards from two well-known franchises: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Harry Potter movies. I’m choosing to focus on these because of the movie’s popularity as more people will be familiar with the characters and what they manage to achieve during their respective movies. With that, let’s meet the heavyweights of this epic showdown.

Saruman: The Lord of the Rings

When the audience is introduced to Saruman in the Lord of the Rings, we are made to believe that he will be on the side of good. However, it soon becomes clear that he is far from it. Acting as the right-hand man to Sauron (the big bad), he creates an army to topple Middle Earth and even manages to trap another powerful wizard for some time.

Gandalf the Grey: The Lord of the Rings

This wizard not only helps the heroes of the movie by trusting them with the one ring, he also sacrifices himself so that they and their party can escape from the Mines of Moria. He’s also a capable fighter, fighting off hoards of Orcs and Trolls inside the mines with the rest of the group and is reincarnated as the more powerful Gandalf the White, beating death and continuing to help win the war.

Albus Dumbledore: Harry Potter

I, like many, have taken a hogwarts house quiz or two in my time to figure out which house I’d belong in, and the headmaster of Hogwarts is certainly notorious. Time and time again in the movies he is named as the most powerful wizard, he sacrifices himself to defeat Lord Voldemort and beats the latter in a high-stakes duel. Everyone in the wizarding world knows his name and he is a powerful magic user who is highly respected by his peers.

Lord Voldemort: Harry Potter

If being supreme is decided by notoriety, Lord Voldemort absolutely takes the crown. People fear to say his name even years after he vanished. With no care for laws or morals, he killed countless people with just two words and tortured those who got in his way. His ultimate quest? Beating death. He achieved this goal by splitting his soul into pieces, starting as a schoolboy despite it being immensely powerful magic.

The Winner

In my opinion, Albus Dumbledore is the clear winner. He’s powerful, notorious, helps the protagonist achieve their goals, and commits the ultimate sacrifice to put an end to Voldemort. He is also an easily recognizable character, with his long white beard and hair and wearing brightly colored clothes that distinguish him from the two Lord of the Rings wizards, who look similar to each other throughout the films. Even after his death, his legacy lives on and the army he built to defy Voldemort still fights for him.


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